Ari Hantke


Ari Hantke Portrait

Ari Hantke Architect (German academic title of Dipl.-Ing. Architekt) and production designer. Graduate studies at the Technical University of Munich. Member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects from 1970 to 2004. Member of the French Chamber of Architects since 2004. When working for the cinema, focus on production design for historical movies, among them several major multinational productions. In 2005, winner of the German Film Award Lola for Best Production Design for the Movie The Ninth Day by Academy Award winner Volker Schloendorff (The Tin Drum).

Ari Hantke currently lives in the South of France and works chiefly as an architect for international clients. In 2017, he finished the technically demanding restoration of a large private villa constructed on the French Côte Vermeille by renowned Belle Époque architect Viggo Dorph-Peterson.

Photo © Mosaik Photo

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